Six common gardening mistakes to avoid – difference between a ‘dull’ or ‘lush’ garden – Express

4. Letting weeds take over

Weeding every single part of the garden can be tiring, especially because weeds may pop up anywhere and everywhere.

However, they can cause problems with other plants plus can take over the backyard quickly.

The expert said: “Weeding properly involves the few hand tools like a hoe or even weed extractor.    

“These will help ensure that you reach the root of the weed. Simply pulling away at a few leaves will ensure that will they grow back time and again. If you’re feeling intimidated by the number of weeds in your garden, dedicate 15 minutes to one square metre patch at a time. ”

5. Forgetting when to water

Plants may need more water during the summer months, and gardeners should avoid watering them during the particular day.

Instead, Brian recommended watering in the mornings or evenings as this reduces the amount of evaporation.

He explained: “Knowing how often to water can be tricky, that will depend on the type of weather. During hot periods, some plants require watering once a day, while others can go a few weeks without water.    

“When planning your garden, put plants with similar needs next to each other so that you’re able in order to stick to the watering schedule for different patches of your garden. ”

6. Using chemical pesticides

Chemical pesticides can kill pests very quickly, but they can also kill other types of insects you are not targeting.

The expert said: “Some pesticides can also be passed on to other living organisms like animals.  

“Rather consider using biological controls, like the predator of a pest to help keep them under control in your own garden.  

“Chemical insect sprays should only be used as a last resort,   when alternative options have been unsuccessful. ”

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