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The summer season is ending which means autumn is just around the corner. According to William Mitchell of Sutton Manor Nursery , “now will be the perfect time” to start preparing the garden for the cold months ahead. The expert said: “Autumn is usually literally just around the corner, this means that it is time to start thinking about preparing your garden for the particular cooler weeks to arrive. There are a huge number of changes that you need in order to make in your backyard to ensure that you are fully ready for the seasons to change and the typical British weather to arrive.  

“Plants can be extremely vulnerable in times when the seasons are rapidly changing. This is because the vegetation have become used to the slightly more predictable and warmer weather that we have had over the spring/summer months. ”

1 . De-weed your garden

Weeds are one of the particular biggest nuisances in the garden and can thrive during the summer months, taking over many gardens.

It can sometimes be hard to stay on top of weeding throughout the summer months but it is important to do this task before the particular cold weather starts.

If gardeners don’t carry out this task soon they may have a “mammoth” weeding job next spring.

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William added: “You could also have many dead plants that will have been killed by the spreading of weeds.

“While weeds do grow far slower during the winter months, they do still grow. So if you leave them at the particular end associated with the summer a few months then they will still multiply and become even more of a pest over the winter several weeks and causing all kinds of problems for you to come in the warmer conditions next year.  

“There are so many different fancy plus ‘revolutionary’ methods that are stated to help you get rid of weeds. However, in our opinion, the easiest and most effective way associated with getting rid of weeds from your outside area is definitely to simply pull all of them out by hand. ”

2. Protect young trees and plant life

Young trees plus plants are vulnerable and may become even more fragile as summer turns into autumn.

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The particular expert mentioned these trees and shrubs and plants need far more attention and protection than established ones as they begin in order to grow.

Bill explained: “The best way to protect young trees can be by purchasing a special tree wrap. The tree wrap should then be wrapped around the trunk and branches of the tree.  

“You would initially think that the intention of the woods wrap would be to keep the particular tree warm in the winter, however, this is not true. Surprisingly, the purpose associated with the tree wrap is the complete opposite. It is certainly to keep the tree cool.  

“In the fall months, the particular trees start to lose their leaves and therefore also lose all of their protection from the sunlight. With no protection until the following spring, the trees are usually susceptible in order to damage from the sunshine.  

“The tree wraps act because a protective layer to stop the particular sunlight through damaging the trees while there are no leaves to help shade the woods. ”

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3. Cover outdoor garden furniture

The particular expert said this is one of the more “sadder” tasks in order to be completed before the start associated with autumn.

To avoid any damage to outdoor furniture, it is important to cover them up throughout the colder months.

The gardening expert said: “The wet and cold temperature can cause deterioration to your furniture which can get even worse as the harsh winter season go on. Simply covering it with the waterproof protect will hugely reduce the chance of damage and help your furnishings to look perfect whenever it comes to bringing it out again following spring.  

“It is usually never a bad idea to always have a cover on hand for outdoor furniture, simply no matter the season.  

“It’s such a simple step that will protect your lovely furniture within the winter months plus when the particular British summertime is doing what it does best and acting more like winter season. ”

4. Dig upward annual flowers

Annual flowers may be amazing additions to any garden in the summer months due to the vibrant colours.

However, as they are annuals, these people only tend to keep their beauty for one season.

The particular gardening professional explained: “This is why it is a good idea to uproot the flowers and get rid of them through compost before the end from the season before they will begin in order to struggle plus fade out there. Leaving dead flowers in your bedding could mean that they rot which would then be a breeding ground with regard to diseases and fungus.  

“If you might be missing the pop of colour after digging up the flowers from the bedding then you could think about adding wintertime berries such as redberries, blackberries plus raspberries. These fruits flourish in the particular colder months and also assist to add a pop associated with colour to your garden that is missing from your annual plants. ”

5. Protect garden ponds with nets

For those who have a pond, covering it is hugely important to keep this clean and free from any kind of fallen leaves.

These can easily decay in the pond and cause bacteria and diseases that can harm wildlife.

Adding the net can also help make the maintenance of the pond much easier.

William stated: “Not only is it better regarding the health of the particular pond but it also makes the pond much prettier plus clearer from an aesthetic point of view.  

“It can be difficult at times to make an outdoor area look nice in the particular dark and gloomy autumn/winter months so a clean pond can add a beautiful element that can help to bring your own garden together. ”

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