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Need a last-minute holiday gift? Plants are a quick and safe bet offering a great show of colour.

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Here are a few of my go-tos when it comes to picking the gift plant:

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  • Poinsettia in any size any colour. Just remember to always pull the plastic down and have a good look at the whole plant before you pick one out to give away.
  • Cyclamen are my favourite. They have dark green, heart-shaped leaves plus flowers that bloom in clusters that will stand up above the leaves. With proper care, they can bloom for several months. They come within red, white, shades associated with pink and purple plus burgundy.
  • Christmas cactus often referred in order to as Thanksgiving cactus because they bloom mid-November through to December. Available in red or pinky purple, these cactus have a flat square leaf the particular builds layers to get its length. If placed in the right spot in your home, these plants will last for 20-plus years.
  • Paperwhites, often given this time of year, are bright white, mini daffodil-looking bulbs that make a beautiful show. They are very fragrant; some folks find them overpowering.
  • Amaryllis bulbs are usually another great option, either already planted and showing buds or in gift boxes with the pot, bulb plus soil, ready for planting and watering. In recent years, waxed bulbs – a new way of preparing the bulb so it has all the moisture it will need to grow and flower during the vacation season – have come popular.
  • Dish gardens or mixed planters are also the wonderful gift. These frequently come with a small poinsettia and a few tropical vegetation. Over time, these plant life will get bigger and need to be moved into their own pots to develop and mature.
  • To add a little bit extra, try a fancier pot or even pot cover. Then a person could add sparkle along with holiday picks, baubles and other decorations to give the plant a more holiday feeling.

Keep plants in mind and you’ll never be stuck for A gift idea. We all love the bit associated with new life in our homes for the holiday season.

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