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Jim Putnam

NM: Why did you decide to start the channel?

JP: When I started the channel, I still had my nursery. Even after I closed the nursery, I still had the garden center. I was actually making these videos for my customers, so with our initial videos, I had no thoughts associated with this being any kind of thing that could be a career. I would tell the customer ‘I have a video with regard to this if you want to go and watch it if that helps you. ’ Then other people were watching them outside of that area. Soon I had people driving long distance to come to the garden center.

NM: How do you choose which plants to talk about? Do you do collaborations?

JP: In terms of plants, it’s just whatever I’m planting in my own landscape here, or in case I’m visiting a nurseryman or the horticulturalist inside the business, it’s whatever they’re excited about at that time. I am including vegetation from the Southern Living Plant Collection and Encore Azalea and the Sunset Plant Collection, so I am doing content for Plant Development Services embedded in my content material.

NM: Did a person anticipate growing such a huge following?

JP: No, We had simply no thoughts about it. I might put up the video, and it would have 25 views and 13 of them were probably me over the course of a month or two. Then it simply started to grow. Of course the particular pandemic had some impact on it a couple years ago. There were so many new individuals searching for gardening videos.

NM: So what is it like being a social media influencer?

JP: (laughs) When you’re behind the camera, you don’t really think about the fact that 50, 000 people might watch that will video. You’re just shooting a video. So for me, I actually don’t really think about this. Only occasionally, I’m out and about, in a Lowe’s, a garden center or something like that, plus somebody will approach me and then I go ‘oh okay, We do have an impact out there, ’ some other than some comments at the bottom of a video from people. I’m not somebody who typically stands up inside front associated with big groups. The camera is just different. You’re alone or you’ve got the videographer, and you’re capturing a video. You don’t feel any pressure. I am not really going ‘oh, look at me personally I possess 188, 500 subscribers. ’ It’s not even in my mind (laughs). The first thousand subscribers were pretty exciting. I’m super happy to have this many subscribers, but it hasn’t changed me or even the way I think concerning the content.

NM: Which videos are the most popular?

JP: Definitely how tos. The biggest search engine on the planet is Google and the particular second biggest search engine on the planet is YouTube. A big percentage of all searches on YouTube begin with how to. If it’s how to plant in clay soils or exactly how to prune an azalea, whatever it is, those are going to be, over a long period of time, your the majority of watched video clips. They might not be [your most watched] that day because someone doesn’t necessarily need that information that will day, but it will always be relevant information. It gets searched over an any period of time of period.

NM: What is your favorite part of doing this?

JP: When I am doing consultations, I can see that I’m creating organic gardeners who have an appreciation for pollinators and have an gratitude for only using lawn where it is necessary. I actually can see that I’m changing people’s opinions. They may be thinking about a waterwise garden. Those are things I’ve tried to influence without using a sledgehammer. I’ve just kind of subtly tried to move people in that direction. That’s part associated with the drive for myself now, is that I could hopefully change people’s environmental thought, how they think about their backyard as part of a bigger world.

NM: What is your advice to others who want to start something like this particular?

JP: Start this because you are passionate about it, so that your passion can drive you and not really the money because it takes a long time to build the channel. There’s more people than ever doing it, so it will be even harder than it was for me personally five years back. If a person went into this saying ‘I’m just going to have fun with it, and if anything ever comes through that, great. ’ Then I believe you would certainly be happier in the process of doing it than thinking ‘how can I make money at this? ’ Also, We get a lot, plus I mean a lot, of offers to hawk things upon my route. I turn down multiple offers the day due to the fact I don’t want people to think that you’ve got to spend a fortune in order to be out there gardening. I think you should invest money in plant life that you really want, but the rest of it ought to be inexpensive. I believe if you were actually driven hard to make a career out of it, you might fall victim to hawking too many points, at which usually point you’re going to change people off.

FOR MORE: visit HortTube with Jim Putnam on Youtube . com and check out his new channel, Garden plants along with Jim Putnam , where he covers individual plant varieties.

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