‘Can kill off your lawn’: Common mistakes gardeners make during hot weather – how to avoid — Express

“In extreme summer heat, a good guide is five gallons of water a week for every one square yard associated with lawn.

“If drought conditions persist, soil can become very dry and hard, which can make it difficult for the drinking water to permeate, so it’s important to know how to aerate a lawn  with either a plug aerator or a spike aerator, which create holes in the ground allowing water plus oxygen in order to filter through. ”

Keeping containers in full sun

Container plants can be the showpiece of gardens and any outdoor space, but they are vulnerable to warm weather.

Nikki Hollier, RHS Chelsea Flower Show medal winner plus founder associated with Border in a Box warned: “Sunshine can cause damage to leaves and scorch them – it can turn the simply leaves brown plus flowers to drop off.

“If they’re in pots, move all of them into dappled shade to protect them.  

“If they are within the floor, you could use an open garden parasol to create some garden shade  and protection from the sun. ”

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