‘Don’t throw them away’: How to ‘instantly revive’ plants damaged during hot weather – Express

He said it’s the “most effective” way to water vegetation. This individual added: “I usually take the rose off so I can drinking water straight into the pot. ” When to water plant life With the heatwave continuing across the country, many people will be wondering when it is best to drinking water plants. David suggested the particular “best time” […]

‘Will burn the plants’: How to water your plants properly in a heatwave – ‘best practise’ — Express

According to experts at Phostrogen®, every plant is comprised of 80 percent drinking water, and the only means of drawing up water and nutrients from the soil is through the roots, meaning proper watering is essential in ensuring they survive. Plants can often suffer during hot weather, plus making sure these people get enough water is vital. However , the […]

How to Garden During a Water Shortage – VOA Learning English

Many people try to save water just to do the right thing. But when a serious drought hits, state and local governments enforce restrictions. Saving drinking water then becomes non-negotiable. So far this summer, nearly 65 percent of the United States is experiencing “abnormally dry” weather, the U. S. Drought Monitor reports. Almost 43 % of those areas are dealing […]

‘Get planting now! ’ This Morning expert shares best plants and vegetables to grow in July – Express

The benefits of grabbing those gardening gloves this July are manifold. July is the optimum time to start horticulture as both soil plus air temperatures are high, days are longer and warmer, plus light levels are better. But despite it being a great time for growth, growing plants enthusiasts should be particularly mindful during this typically warm month. Daisy explained: […]

Gardening tips: How to ensure your plants ‘survive’ while on holiday – ‘good’ methods — Express

Going on vacation for a week or longer can be worrying when it comes to looking after the garden . Whether it’s taking care of flowerbeds or even container vegetation , one gardening expert has shared top tips on how to make sure the garden survives when away on holiday. Chris Bonnett, from GardeningExpress. co. uk said: “Gardening can take […]

‘Easy to grow plants’ you ‘need’ in gardens to deter ‘destructive bugs’ without ‘toxins’ – Express

Chervil is good for sacrificial plants for radishes, broccoli, and lettuces as it improves their growth plus flavour. Not only do nettles and nasturtiums attract bugs, but so do sunflowers.   The expert said: “These summertime favourites are great for attracting stink bugs, which often attack crops like sweetcorn plus okra.   “Keep these veggies pest-free by planting sunflowers at […]