Gardening: How to save vegetable seeds for next year – The Associated Press — en Español

Many of the vegetables we grow in our gardens produce seeds, which, if harvested and stored correctly, have the potential to grace us with free plants. And late summer is the perfect time in order to start collecting them. A few notes: Make sure the vegetation from which you’re collecting seeds are heirloom, or open-pollinated, varieties. These are plant life […]

‘Best ways’ to improve your garden at a ‘fraction of the cost’ – ‘money-saving’ tips – Express

Gardening can be an expensive hobby, especially for those who have a large outdoor space to fill with plants. Now, a gardening expert has shared the “best ways” to enhance a garden without spending hundreds of pounds. Managing Director at Hopes Grove Nurseries , Morris Hankinson explained: “No matter what part of life we are in, there will be the […]

Tom Karwin, On Gardening | Agave propagation successful in Monterey Bay climate – Santa Cruz Sentinel

This is the time of the year when agaves bloom. Let’s review how they propagate. Agaves are popular plants for gardeners because of their range of sizes, colors and leaf forms. I have been collecting agaves for some time and possess been fascinated by their variations as well as their common characteristics. Agaves, which are usually native to Mexico, Southern […]