Gardening tips: How to ensure your plants ‘survive’ while on holiday – ‘good’ methods — Express

Going on vacation for a week or longer can be worrying when it comes to looking after the garden . Whether it’s taking care of flowerbeds or even container vegetation , one gardening expert has shared top tips on how to make sure the garden survives when away on holiday. Chris Bonnett, from GardeningExpress. co. uk said: “Gardening can take […]

‘Easy to grow plants’ you ‘need’ in gardens to deter ‘destructive bugs’ without ‘toxins’ – Express

Chervil is good for sacrificial plants for radishes, broccoli, and lettuces as it improves their growth plus flavour. Not only do nettles and nasturtiums attract bugs, but so do sunflowers.   The expert said: “These summertime favourites are great for attracting stink bugs, which often attack crops like sweetcorn plus okra.   “Keep these veggies pest-free by planting sunflowers at […]

What is cut flower gardening? How do I plant one and what are the best blooms to grow… – The Sun

It’s 1 of the hottest trends to hit the particular gardening world in years. But what exactly is cut flower gardening? What exactly is cut flower horticulture and how do you get started? Credit: Getty What is cut flower gardening? Cut floral gardening involves growing flowers and plants for the sole purpose of cutting them and making into bouquets. The […]