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The physical and mental health benefits of gardening are well documented, but things such as weary knees or an aching back can make it feel like more associated with a punishment than a pleasure.  

Our gardens are in a constant state of growth and change, just as our own bodies are. By keeping a few things in mind, we can make sure that our own gardens adapt to the changing needs.

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  Use a garden kneeler

We’ll start this list with something simple yet highly effective: the humble garden kneeler. This straightforward bit of kit really helps with tiring garden tasks such as planting and weeding, especially if you find squatting or bending difficult. It will also protect your knees from cold, wet, muddy or even rough ground, which is a big plus. There are the few types of kneeler to choose from.  

  • Knee pads – these slip over your legs so you can kneel directly on the ground, along with the pads protecting the knees and spreading the weight.  
  • Kneeling mats — another self-explanatory option, these types of padded mats are waterproof, durable, and versatile, plus can be used in a wide range of gardening jobs.  
  • Kneeler seats or stools : these are usually great for helping you in order to get up or even down, with sturdy handles you can use to support your weight. They also give you a good elevated position to work from.

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Raised table beds are a great help 

Elevated table beds and planters are ideal for those who struggle in order to twist their body or bend down. You may build (or buy) these at pretty much whatever height suits you best. People often go for impressive-looking waist-high planters, which save a person from having to bend too much when tending to your plants. Make sure you don’t choose ones that are too deep, as you don’t want to be left unable to reach into the middle.  

Another good option is a bench-style planting table that you can fit a chair under and sit at, just like a person would the dining desk, to plant or sow seeds through a comfortable position. These do come with limitations, though: because the particular soil will only become about 15-20cm deep, you’ll have to end up being a bit more selective on what you can grow there and only opt with regard to shallow-rooting plants.

If you’re feeling creative, you can try  building your own raised backyard bed and save the money you’d spend on a ready-made one.  

Using lower-maintenance plants

Some plants can be real divas. Too hot, too cold, too very much water, not enough; taking care of plants with a Goldilocks attitude can leave you growling like a bear.  

If a person have restricted time or even gardening ability, there are plenty associated with options for plants that offer flowers, scent plus colour but are relatively easy to look after.  

Look for plants that don’t need too much pruning; perennials that live for multiple years along with long or repeat flowering seasons are usually particularly attractive in this regard. Something like geums or achilleas are hardworking and robust plants that provide long-lasting bright colours.  

Fruit and veg generally require the fair bit of attention, but there are plenty of options which are easier to care for than you’d think. Our guide on the five easiest vegetables to grow rounds up some of the easiest and most rewarding veg you can grow at home.  

If none of those mentioned here take your own fancy, check out the extensive pages on  growing your own food   and  developing different vegetation   in order to find what’s right regarding you.

Create mowing simpler

Mowing the lawn can be a real chore, as it needs to be done every week during the increasing season. In case you struggle to get your mower out regularly enough, your best option is a cordless mower, which usually does away with the faff of a corded mower and is much lighter and easier to manoeuvre than a petrol model. They’re furthermore much quieter than their own petrol counterparts, and better for the environment.  

Incredibly expensive but supremely convenient, robot mowers are an interesting and fairly new addition to the particular gardening world. These little machines are incredibly easy to use – after the initial setup where a person lay a perimeter wire around your own lawn (some companies will offer to do this for the fee), you simply set the robot’s schedule plus leave it to do its job. It will leave its charging dock in the arranged times, mow the yard, then return to the dock to rest ahead associated with its next outing.  

Additionally , a person could rethink your approach to mowing. There’s a growing movement in the UK and beyond to let part (or all) of your lawn grow wild. By mowing your yard less, you are able to achieve a nice flowery meadow look rather than your standard green turf, and the local wildlife plus insects will surely appreciate this.  

Check out our  lawn mower   and  robot mower   reviews to see what we thought of different cordless and robot models.  

Stop and smell the roses

Gardening can be incredibly tough work, and it’s important that will you don’t overexert yourself. If you allow your self time to sleep during plus in between tasks, you’ll get a lot more done in a day compared to if you were in order to work solidly, without breaks, until you were exhausted and unable to continue. Try using an egg timer to break up your own gardening into little chunks of function and rest.

With a need to sleep comes the need intended for a place to do so, so it’s a good idea to have nice seating options in your garden. Somewhere out associated with the wind and within the shade is ideal, and make sure it’s comfortable – don’t be afraid to try out patio furniture in a store before buying, to create sure it is well suited to you.  

Rest breaks are a great time to appreciate the beautiful garden you’re helping to take care of. Watch how the particular sunlight dapples through the leaves, how the plant life shimmer in the blowing wind. Listen in order to the sounds of nature around you. It’s important to take stock every once in the while.  

See our guides to the best gardening equipment in order to find the particular best bits of kit for every gardening task.  

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