Over the Garden Fence – The Partnership Between Humans and Nature During Fire Recovery: Part 5 – Sierra Sun Times

Do your part to prevent human caused wildfire: Part 5  September 26, 2022 – By Michele Nowak-Sharkey, UC Master Gardener of Mariposa County — The largest natural cause of fire is lighting. However , most fires are human triggered. The percentage varies from 89% : 95% depending on the source. With the increase in drought, fuel build-up in unburned forests, […]

Gardening tip: How to pick the best bulbs to plant in your garden this fall – Utica Observer Dispatch

Rosanne Loparco, Master Gardener Volunteer   |  Special to Utica Observer-Dispatch USA TODAY Network Planting lights in drop creates a beautiful garden in spring. The word “bulb” is used to describe certain plants; however, technically the particular plant grows from an underground organ referred as the bulb.   Bulbs come in assorted forms, such as tubers or corms.   They […]

‘Easy to grown and maintain’ plants that require little effort – ‘perfect for beginners’ – Express

Houseplants provide several benefits including boosting your mood and purifying the air within the home. With several types of indoor plants on the market, it can be hard to know which one to pick, and just how much care each one requires. An expert has shared a variety of different plants which are both “easy to grow and maintain” as […]