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Gardening can be an expensive hobby, especially for those who have a large outdoor space to fill with plants. Now, a gardening expert has shared the “best ways” to enhance a garden without spending hundreds of pounds. Managing Director at Hopes Grove Nurseries , Morris Hankinson explained: “No matter what part of life we are in, there will be the […]

Tom Karwin, On Gardening | Agave propagation successful in Monterey Bay climate – Santa Cruz Sentinel

This is the time of the year when agaves bloom. Let’s review how they propagate. Agaves are popular plants for gardeners because of their range of sizes, colors and leaf forms. I have been collecting agaves for some time and possess been fascinated by their variations as well as their common characteristics. Agaves, which are usually native to Mexico, Southern […]

How to make a perfect living wall: Best plants for a vertical garden and moisture mistake – Express

For hundreds of years gardeners have focused on the horizontal plane, but with more plus more products hitting the market for vertical gardening , now is the particular time to think upwards. Of course , vertical horticulture in its crudest sense is growing something like climbing beans up a few canes, growing or training a fruit tree upward against a […]

‘Big mistake! ’: ‘Worst’ task gardeners are urged to avoid now – ‘plants will suffer’ — Express

While gardens might love a spot of sunshine, gardening in hot weather should be undertaken carefully. The wrong move could make the difference between preserving and protecting gardens  and destroying them.   From potting now plants to turning a blind eye to weeds , Emma Loker, expert gardener at DIY Garden exclusively shared with Express. co. uk three mistakes gardeners […]

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Summer is one of the most rewarding seasons for gardeners, with everything from fruits and vegetables to bright blooms at their peak. Taking care of gardens in August is crucial to keep plants and crops thriving, but what exactly should you be doing? These are all the gardening work you need to do this month for the perfect summer display. […]

‘Damaging’ gardening issue plants ‘can’t overcome’ – how to avoid to make gardens ‘thrive’ – Express

Not leaving enough space between garden beds It may be tempting to have your backyard beds neat and close to each other, but this will make moving between them difficult.   Scott advises to leave “ample room to move your wheelbarrow in”, or space to bring in compost and mulch. That doesn’t mean gardeners need six feet between beds –  […]